About Our Project

This website is the legacy of a project developed by Limavady Borough Council in 2012, funded by DARD under the Rural Development Programme, administered by Arc north west. The project focused upon genealogy tourism as a potential revenue stream to enhance and support the tourism industry in Limavady Borough due to the increasing popularity of ancestral heritage globally, the significant development in resources and ease of online research and the increase in international visitors making queries about family history.

The Genealogy Tourism project comprised of 5 elements. The first element of the project involved research into the potential sources of ancestral heritage in Limavady and took the form of a three month research project carried out by the Ulster Historical Foundation, who have been working in the area of genealogy for a substantial period of time and are considered experts on the area. The research compiled was thoroughly comprehensive and formed extensive content for this website, www.limavadyancestry.com which was our next element of the project. Big Fish Design and Advertising consultants took on the challenge of creating a new website from the information provided; the results of which you can see before you today. The information was also used to create a travelling interpretative exhibition for display in the Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre, the Green Lane Museum and other community facilities in Limavady.

The remaining facets of the project included training workshops on genealogy tourism and two reunion events for overseas ancestral tourists to Limavady, all hosted by the Ulster Historical Foundation. In 2012, a series of training courses for the local economy and business were held, ranging in subject matter between ‘Tracing Your Roots’, ‘The Roots Tourist’ and ‘Roots Tourism: Potential and Opportunities’. In addition to this, delegates from the US, Canada, ROI and the UK arrived in Limavady for a week’s genealogy conference in 2012.

We hope that this website has helped you in your search for your ancestral heritage. If so, we would love to hear from you. Please use our upload facility to share your documents and search with others who are also in the process of tracing their roots.